A Professional Carpet Cleaning Provided by an Experienced Professional

cleaning a carpet with a vacuumSteaming Mad Carpets and Upholstery is a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning contractor that takes pride in the fact that our clients completely trust us! Since the first day of business, we have managed to establish a prominent reputation among our clients and colleagues in the field. During all this time, Steaming Mad Carpets and Upholstery has been glad to serve the residents of San Jose CA and all of the surrounding areas. We take pride in our upholstery cleaning service that can bring complete satisfaction to our customers.

Steaming Mad Carpets and Upholstery
Area served: San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: (408) 469-8220

Sweep-up pipeWith over 7 years of professional experience, we have the confidence to be the leading carpets and upholstery cleaning provider in the area. Our high quality standards of service that we strive to offer at the most competitive prices have always been a challenge for our competitors in the industry. However, what makes us most happy is to see our clients satisfied. We successfully work with our diverse clientele on different types of projects for the residential and commercial spheres.

Steaming Mad Carpets and Upholstery is a locally owned and operated carpets steaming service that has been proud with every single chance to provide our clients in San Jose CA and all of the surrounding areas with numerous cleaning options. We are a commercial carpet cleaning company that specialize in offering carpets and carpet cleaning, and we can also take care of your full house. Steaming Mad Carpets and Upholstery use only pet friendly chemicals and offers high quality  pet stain / odor removal services! Contact us and learn more! Our expert team of highly qualified specialists can also help you with the cleaning of your vehicles and assist you in the cleaning during your move-ins or move-outs.

To ensure high quality cleaning for your carpets and upholstery, call (408) 469-8220!